by Ashira

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Ashira Malka offers one of the most dramatic, spurring, and thought-provoking visuals of war torn, modern day Israel in “Bom-Bom" you'll likely ever hear. Being in the loop (as I thought I was) about the fracas courtesy of the alphabet network's favorite talking heads, I was literally spellbound when I listened to this piece and to say I merely "learned something new" is a vast understatement. She is a talented linguist about what's happening in the lands of Israel; her sense of commitment and purpose will have you have re-considering what you've been told and probing deeper throughout your learning experience. The texture of the conflict changes, sometimes right in front of our very own eyes, and Ashira offers an up-to-date explanation of the cultural and local context to better understand those changes.

Probably the single biggest thing I took away from this poem was that there are people in situations that most of us simply couldn't fathom. The idea of, when turning to leaders for help in times of crisis to be told to "lie down" as literal bombs rain from the sky. This lyrical highlight pen leaves its mark all over the issue in such a profound way that I had no choice but to investigate the situation further. The fact that the piece was powerful enough to encourage me to take it upon myself to educate myself further truly is a testament to the quality of “Bom-Bom". Overall, I believe that Ashira did an excellent job illuminating the issue and hopefully she will continue bringing attention to issues that sorely deserve them.

Artist: Ashira Malka
Title: Bom Bom
Review by: Charles Sweet
4 stars (out of 5)


We’re told they – the Bedu – are told to lie on the ground.
Well, what else are you gonna do when there’s no other shelter around?
This is the desert – flat -- so, no tree, no hill.
Wanna try to live?  You’ve got to use your will.

Lie down,
the bomb
If some bomb’s destined to hit you,
let it not be
If you’ve not got it yet,
Here’s a mind-peek, okay?
Bomb Bomb,
go away!
Let me live
another day.
For this I learned,
for this I pray
I want to have
a chance to say:
I love you,
are you okay?
Bomb Bomb
go away.
Please let me live
just one more day.

I’m looking around while the siren sounds
down at the rocky ground I know I’ll have to lie down on
No time to even get out of the street
Fifteen seconds to find shelter? It’s at your feet.
I’m lucky I can do it
Not yet too old or frail
but if I leave these borders
I know the world will not hail me.
If I do ever leave
then I’ll get to tell them:
We have so much more in common than you know,
and you’re only focusing on things that show.
Of course, in order to have that chance
This is a moment I’ll need to get past, so:
Bomb Bomb
go away!
Let me live
just another day.
For this I yearn,
for this I pray
I want to have
the chance to say:
I miss you,
are you okay?
Bomb Bomb
go away!
Please, let me live
just one more day.

Bomb, Bomb
go away!
Let me live just another day
I wish I might,
I wish I may,
get the wish
I wish today:
Bomb, Bomb,
go away!
Please let me live
just one more day!
Bedu: proper plural of Bedouin
Ashira Malka
23rd July, 2014
Rockville, Maryland


released August 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Ashira Rockville, Maryland

Ashira is a yoga teacher, kabbalist, bilingual poet, translator, and artist whose work is more about the message than the medium. Having grown up between Israel and the US and spent much time between one home and another created in Ashira an early restlessness to explore the world and later led to travel, linguistic, cultural, and spiritual study which is reflected in all Ashira does and is. ... more

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