by Ashira

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Buzzy is a bee, obviously.

Buzzy’s got a stinger

that’s a real hum-dinger,

and if Buzzy ever stings,

that’ll be a real zinger!

Buzzy’s in the sky.

Buzzy lives nearby.

Buzzy wants to visit,

but is feeling shy.


Buzzy’s got a tummy-ache

from eating ‘secticide!

That sure was a doozy.

Buzzy’s feeling woozy.

Alert! Alert!

Buzzy is hurt.

All it took was one

insecticidic squirt.

Coulda been a farmer.

Coulda been a gardener.

Coulda been a who-knows-what or who, pardner!

But regardless of the cause,

Buzzy doesn’t know the laws

and busy Buzzy never pauses

just keeps helping and the loss is …


Could it be me and you?

Buzzy keeps so busy,

pollinating, making pretty

in the country, in the city.

Buzzy doesn’t see the difference

between safe and dangerous fields –

that’s a power people tend to wield.

Buzzy just knows mostly how to feel ….



released August 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Ashira Rockville, Maryland

Ashira is a yoga teacher, kabbalist, bilingual poet, translator, and artist whose work is more about the message than the medium. Having grown up between Israel and the US and spent much time between one home and another created in Ashira an early restlessness to explore the world and later led to travel, linguistic, cultural, and spiritual study which is reflected in all Ashira does and is. ... more

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